BCORE adopts "Composite embedment" Technology with independent intellectual property rights. Heating element is embedded in ceramic and does not directly touch the oil. BCORE Technology has a more stable, precise and controllable resistance. The unique cup-shaped ceramic is compatible with different viscosities of oil.

BCORE adopts "Composite embedment" Technology to ensure that the heating element does not directly touch the oil, safer and better. Compared with storing oil in cotton, oil in BCORE is stored in ceramic material, which effectively controls the speed of absorbing oil. Most importantly, previous technology which stores oil in cotton results in the trivial work of choosing oil holes, while in Bcore, no more hole size worries! One cartridge is compatible with different oil viscosities!

BCORE "Composite Embedment" Technology is three-sided heating. Heating elements are embedded on the two sides as well as the bottom of the ceramic, which ensures a larger heating area and a faster heating speed, and thus has a full vaporization of oil and a purer taste.
BCORE overcomes the disadvantage of fast heat attenuation caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction in heating element, so the life of heating element is extended.
BCORE Advanced Heating Technology has raised the bar for vape cartridge manufacturers with superior quality and innovative technology. BCORE was made specifically for cannabis oils. 
With over 9 million adult consumers in the US vaping every day and continuing to grow we felt relieved to know vape cartridge manufacturers were coming together to protect consumers and develop the industry. One product that has risen above the rest is the new BCORE Technology, touting the next generation in vape cartridges. The Professional Lab Series of cartridges with BCORE Advanced Heating Technology is specifically designed for thick cannabis oils.

BCORE is made of nickel-chromium wire composite, embedded within the most advanced cellular ceramic core to maintain the flavor profile of the cannabis oil.  The bowl-shaped core has superior temperature control, ensuring the oil is heated evenly without burning the oil like inferior products with thick film printed cartridges. The original embedded coil construction provides thermic stability within the vape chamber, making big fluffy plumes. The Professional Lab Series of cartridges are the result of superior design and rigorous quality control measures that ensures a leak-free experience.

The BCORE V18 will not burn, clog or leak and works great with thick viscous oils and distillates. BCORE has passed the stringent Phase 3, Title 16 Section 5715 Regulations in California for vaporizer cartridges for Heavy Metals. pHSolutions conducted the testing and COA’s are available with a sample request. 

The BCORE team advocates for safer manufacturing standards and industry certifications as a member of NCIA’s Safe Vaping Task Force. The development of these global standards and best practices will make it easier for manufacturers to comply with regulatory requirements.


The production facilities hold multiple ISO certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18000, ISO 13485, GMP, QS). These certifications focus on safety and quality requirements for electronic cigarette devices as well as test methods, testing conditions, emissions, vaping machines, and user instructions.

The 60,000 square meter facility in Shenzhen, China has over 1,000 research and development, quality control and manufacturing professionals. They ensure the Total Quality Management Systems are diligently followed and all raw materials are inspected for compliance. The BCORE production facility is the global benchmark for establishing quality management systems.

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